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Blessed with varied topographical and geographical features, India is one of the famed adventure destinations in the world. With the presence of mighty Himalayan Mountain Range in north till north-east to the vast water bodies enclosing the nation from three sides, India has all the ingredients that make it a superb adventure wonderland. The unique medley of high mountains, beautiful landscapes, crisscrossing water bodies and dense forests give travel enthusiasts multiple reasons to travel to and enjoy their holidays in India.

Enjoy rafting, hiking, trekking and many more thrilling escapades in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Ladakh, Sikkim and the North-East or break the monotony of city life by engaging in scuba diving, snorkeling and water skiing at Andaman Islands, Goa and Kerala. Discover the many hues and grandeur of Rajasthan with camel safaris. Adventure tourism in India has many layers to it and can fulfill the desires of adventure seekers. Feel the rush of adrenaline after conquering snow-clad peaks or while doing bungee jumping! The white foaming look of Indian rivers is enough for spine-chilling. There is no end of adventure activities in India; the only thing that you shouldn’t lack in is the Go-Getter Spirit!!

Among numerous adventure activities in India, trekking is a well recognized activity in the country. There are several, easy and challenging, explored and unexplored, trekking routes in the country that trekkers love to explore. Along with these, the winding roads of Indian hill stations and the wide highways that pass across the green fields and over the rivers attract all passionate drivers, especially the bikers. Jeep safari tours are also quite popular among those who love to explore the exotic beauty and diversity of the country.

In short, India is one of the best places to unleash your daring side. With so many wonderful options for holidays, adventure tourism in India is gaining immense popularity among tourists who are looking for something distinct and unique.