Chadar Trek: Fixed Departure Tour 2019

Posted on Thu, 04 Dec 2014 04:28:06 by Arun Joshi

The “Chadar” trek, made by the freezing of the river Zanskar, is a challenging but amazingly exhilarating excursion. The eminent images of Buddhist monks walking barefooted on the icy stream along woth the spellbinding panorama remains engraved in the minds of people persistently. Explorers who have undertaken the trek have been captivated by the natural exquisiteness and the cultures prevailing there. Without a doubt, the Chadar trek is a once in a lifespan experience, and if you are a nature admirer, and have the endurances to commence on such trail, it is strongly recommended you to experience this particular trek.

What Marks the Trek Matchless?

The Chadar Trek, in first look, looks a challenging trek with endless difficulties. However, it creates a peerless opportunity for profound adrenaline junkies. The temperature remains minus 1 to 15 degrees at night while 20 to 25 degrees at day. The frozen Zanskar creates a track for the trekkers and sometimes it may become risky to cross them on foot.

The trek engrosses several unique points that draw the attention of adventure from all around the blue planet. The warm and hospitable people of Zanskar offer an insight of local culture and traditions. There are various imposing monasteries that come en route. These monasteries are Hemis, Shanti Stupa and Thiksey Monastery. In addition to this, one may also witness snow leopard along with the congenial vistas including Zanskar Ranges and Nyarak Waterfalls.

Trekkers have to pace the complete way – there is no transport available, of any caring, even in case of crises. They have to effort out a trail and trail it. In addition to this, they need to hike over snow trampled mounds, and argue steep slopes which are freezing. It is like walking on glass. There is very slight grip obtainable on the ground. Thus, you have to stroll on ice and snow all the way. Possibly what is most tiresome is that you have to be on the continually guard for treacherous spots along the icy stream. There is no assurance it will upkeep your weight. You must have to examine the ground before setting your foot upon it.


Good News for Trekkers: Fixed Departure Frozen River Trek is starting from Jan 18th:

For all those freaks of adventure who want to relish one the best trekking trail in the country, there is good news as Fixed Departure Frozen River Trek is going to start. This tour will be started from 18th Jan 2019. This tour will end on 01st Feb 2019. The package includes airfare, meals, land transport and skilled trekking crew. Only few seats are left so book your seat as early as possible.
The Tour Itinerary:

It will incorporate several appealing locations like Leh, Chilling, Lingshed, etc. The journey will be as follows:

  • Day 1 – Delhi – Leh
  • Day 2 – Leh – Shey Thiksey – Hemis
  • Day 3 – Leh – Chilling (3500 meters, 5 hours drive)
  • Day 4 – Chilling – Zaribago – 5 hours trekking
  • Day 5 – Zaribago – Deepyokma – 4 hours trekking
  • Day 6 – Deepyokma – Nyarakpulu (3390 meters) – 5 hours trekking
  • Day 7 – Nyarakpulu – Lingshed – 1-hour trekking
  • Day 8 – Lingshed
  • Day 9 – Lingshed – Nyarakpulu – 4-hour trekking
  • Day 10 – Nyarakpulu – Tso Mopoaldar – 4-hour trekking
  • Day 11 – Tso Mopoaldar – Tilatdo
  • Day 12 – Tilatdo – Chilling – Leh
  • Day 13 – Leh – Delhi

This excursion is something that a true adventure freak cannot afford to miss. Such an invigorating tour remains in the wits forever and what can be expected more if it is not burning a hole your pocket!.

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A thoroughbred adventurer, Arun Joshi was born in the picturesque and landlocked district of Chamoli, Uttarakhand. He is well known for his close association with the Indian Himalayas for the past 16 years, and knows the region inside out. His vast knowledge and first-hand experience of trekking to the many challenging regions of the Indian Himalayas have also helped him to establish himself as the go-to guide in the region.