Cycling Tours

India, the beautiful and vibrant country, catches the attention of travelers with its diorama of sights, sounds, shades and smells that is unique to each region. From the moonscape of Ladakh to breathtaking sea views of Kanyakumari, there is no single place where this land of eternal beauty fails to amaze you. Making things even more exciting, tourism in India today includes popular adventure activities like cycling, biking, rafting, and rock climbing. When it comes cycling holidays in India, visitors have a big list to choose from as most of the destinations today provide cycling-friendly packages. A stroll on the winding passes cutting through the hilly mountains to unpaved thoroughfares of the Thar Desert will let you come face-to-face with the true appeal of Indian topography.

Experience the never-fading allure of India on cycling tours. Passing through the golden fields, tea gardens, along the rocky paths of rivers and on to the hilly slopes of mountains, cycling tours in India is one of the most-sought after activities that most of the tourists love to experience. Whether it is Kerala, Bangalore, Mumbai, Rajasthan, Sikkim or Goa, don’t hesitate to try out new trails; also, mix with the local population and learn about their culture and the tradition.

Cycling holidays in India are ideal for families, friends and even for single traveler. Choose your own destination, design your own itinerary and participate in the adventure of cycling tours which let you experience the thrill attached with adventure activities in India in the true sense. Along with explorations, cycling tours are also eco-friendly and keep your health in good condition.