Sach Pass Trek

Moderate Trek

Area: Himachal
Duration: 12 Days
Altitude: 3600 mts/11810 ft
Season: May- June, Sept - Oct

A part of one of the oldest trade routes in Himachal Pradesh, Sach Pass at an elevation of 4,500 meters acts as a bridge between Pangi Valley and Chamba. Arguably Pangi valley is considered as one of the remotest region in Himachal Pradesh and thus nature still retains its virginity. Of late, access to Sach Pass has become easier with the construction of motorable road. But who is going to stop the travellers who prefer to discover the beauty of nature by foot? The Sach Pass Trek, which is one of the alpine treks in Himachal Pradesh, has managed to maintain its popularity among trekkers. It's an unforgettable odyssey that embarks upon hideous turns and strenuous tracks and enriches with the unexploited nature, which is encircled with snow clad mountains forming a silver horizon parallel to the spotless blue sky. Further, the journey is weighed with the traditional colours of the remote villages that are perched in the mountains. Sach Pass trekking trail leads you through lush green landscapes, tricky glaciated tracks, orchards, murmuring streams, thick forests, ancient temples, and more. Trekking here is one of the most adventurous and nerve tingling experiences.

The Sach Pass Trek commences from Chamba at 1,900 meters, which is about 270 kilometers of drive from Dharamsala. From Chamba the journey further wheels up to Tarila at 2,500 meters. It is roughly 145 kilometers of drive and takes 4 - 5 hours. At Traila the actual trek starts and leads to Satrundi at 2,900 meters via Bhanodi, which is a small hamlet tucked in the midst of a thick forest. Thereby the trail continues with gradual ascends and descends and turns to Sach Pass. From the mountain pass one can capture the splendid view of the farfetched snow clad mountains and many peaks. The journey thereafter steps onto the glaciated tracks to head for Bindrabani. From Bindrabani the route follows a downhill trek to Killar at 2,400 meters. One needs to cross the narrow gorge of Chenab River to reach Killar. The trail further descends to Purthi at 2,200 meters, where you can rest in one of the historical rest houses. The trail follows to Raoli at 2,000 meters after crossing a rope bridge and thence wheels to 2,050 meters.

The Sach Pass Trek, being one of the alpine treks in the Indian Himalayan belt, requires some serious acclimatization and fitness and hence it is recommended only for experienced trekkers who are having have prior experience of high altitude trekking. The best time to hit the tracks is during the Indian summer season.

Day 1: Delhi to Dharamshala (510 kilometers/ 12 to 13 hours)

From Delhi in the evening, we will travel towards Dharamshala by the AC Volvo coach. It will be an overnight voyage.

Day 2: Dharamsala

By morning, we will reach Dharamshala where you will meet our executive and get transferred to the hotel and check- in. You can spend morning time relaxing at the hotel or you can opt for independent activities. After having delicious lunch at the hotel we will go out for seeing the sights of this exquisite place. Dharamsala is a spectacular hill station; separated into Upper & Lower towns and altitude here varies from an elevation of 1250 M to 2000 M. Furthermore, Dharamsala is the seat of His Holiness Dalai Lama and his Govt in exile. In the upper Dharamsala at the altitude of at (1730 Metres) Mcleod Ganj located, which is also famous as the "Little Lhasa of India". Today we will stay overnight in a hotel.

Day 3: Dharamsala to Chamba

Today in the morning we will move ahead and drive to our destination Chamba (1900 metres) which is about 240 kilometers from Dharamsala. Chamba is the located in the westernmost area of Himachal Pradesh. The Ravi River towards the south and the Chenab River runs towards the north from here. A huge playing field is located just in the middle of the town, which is known as 'Chowgan', a grassy field of about 805 metres in length and 73 metres in width. In Chamba city, there are various marvelously carved temples which you can visit and explore during your stay. The arrangements are made for overnight stay at a Tourist Bungalow.

Day 4: Chamba to Traila

Today, in the morning we will leave Chamba move ahead and drive towards Traila (2500 metres). It will be a journey of 145 kilometres and will take around 4 hours to reach Traila. >From Chamba, you will reach the Pangi valley which is a terrain of the pretty faces, fabulous dances, and the picturesque backdrops. In this stunning valley, two main communities, specifically Pangwala and Bhots reside here. The arrangements are made for overnight stay at a Tourist Bungalow.

Day 5: Traila to Satrundi

This is the day on which we will begin our trekking. Today we will trek towards Satrundi (2900 metres). On the trail, we will cover a distance of about 15 kilometres and pass through a small hamlet Bhanodi. On the way to the trek, we will pass through a forest pathway with gradual ascends and descend till we reach Satrundi. After reaching Satrundi, we will be staying for the night in the tents.

Day 6: Satrundi to Sach Pass to Bindrabani

This day, we will move ahead and start the trek in the direction of our next destination Bindrabani (2750 metres). On the trail, we will be crossing the Sach Pass at an elevation of (4500 Metres) which will be a vertical climb from Satrundi. As we reach the pass we get to see fabulous vistas of the hanging glaciers, lofty mountains, and various virgin peaks all around. Later, we will be crossing the glacier on the trail to reach Bindrabani. After reaching our destination we will set up camps and stay overnight here.

Day 7: Bindrabani to Killar

Today, from Bindrabani we will commence the trek in the direction of Killar (2400 metres) that is located in the middle of the zigzag trails in a deep and slender gorge of the River Chenab. We will be staying in the tented camps tonight set up in the serene and stunning surrounds.

Day 8: Killar to Purthi

This day in the morning we will start the trek and head in the direction of Purthi (2200 Metres). On the trail, we will cover a distance of approximately 24 kilometres in around 7 hours. Moving ahead for a distance of about 7 KM, the trail will turn in the East direction for Purthi. Purthi is a very captivating place well-known for its paramount forest nurseries and the impressive historical Rest House located near on the right bank of the River Chandra Bhaga. We will be staying overnight in the tents at Purthi.

Day 9: Purthi to Raoli

Today, we will star the trek in the morning towards Raoli (2000 M) our next destination. It will take about 5 hours to reach Raoli on the way of the trail we will cover a distance of about 14 KM. The trail is an easy one with some moderate ascends and descends on the path. We will be crossing the Chandra Bhaga River through a rope bridge. After reaching our destination Raoli, we will be staying overnight in the tents.

Day 10: Raoli to Manali

Today we will leave Raoli in the early morning and drive in the direction of Manali (1920 metres) on the way we will pass through Keylong. It will be a journey of 6 hours and we will cover a distance of approx. 240 KM. We will halt for having lunch en route. The arrangements are made for the overnight stay in the hotel at Manali.

Day 11: Manali

On this day, we will travel around and explore the exquisite beauty of Manali hill station and then in the afternoon you will transfer to bus stand, from where you will board the catch the bus departing for Delhi. It will be an overnight voyage by bus.

Day 12: Arrive Delhi

By morning time, you will reach Delhi and here the Sach Pass Trek ends.

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