Chandrakhani Pass Trek

Moderate Trek

Location: Himachal Pradesh
Maximum Alitude: 3650 M
Best time to visit: Mid June to Early October
Duration: 10 Days

One of the popular treks in the Indian Himalayan region that is located in Himachal Pradesh, the Chandrakhani Pass Trek covers a fascinating route with amazing view of Deo Tibba and Pin Parvati range. The journey covers the spectacles of Kullu valley, passing through a rich forest that is a home to several animal and bird species. Further, the trail cutting across small and gushing streams and walking through narrow ridges makes it more adventurous and strenuous. The Chandrakhani Pass Trek, which stretches from an elevation of 2,050 meters to 3,660 meters, despite being one of the moderate and low altitude treks in Himachal Pradesh requires the trekker to get acclimatized to the prevailing conditions. Moreover, the journey also echoes a strange Hindu myth. The legend goes back to a time when Jamlu (the presiding deity of Malana) was carrying a basket containing Gods of Kullu. On the top of the pass when he opened the basket, a very strong wind blew the Gods all over the Kullu valley to their present abodes where people can find them today at their respective temples. Since then the valley is known as the Valley of Gods. The Malana Village is a strong visual of culture in itself where the old traditions are still adhered.

The Chandrakhani Pass Trek commences from Naggar, which is approximately 21 kilometers of drive from Manali. From Naggar the trail heads up to an altitude of 2,700 meters at Ganachalani en route to Rumsu and passing through a thick forest of deodar, pine and chestnut. From Ganachalani the trek turns to Celanti at 3,500 meters, which is 12 kilometers of trail and takes about 5 to 6 hours. The journey then snakes through a crazy and rocky track to Chandrakhani Pass and one can enjoy the magnificent view of the Ghalpo Peaks of Lahaul- Dharamsura at 6,446 meters and Papsura at 6,451 meters and the other high peaks in the upper Tosh valley, while the snow capped ranges of the Himala extend to the head of the Parvati Valley. From the pass the trail to Dadru remains about 100 meters below the ridgeline for a further 2-3 kms. It descends to the meadow at Nagarvani, which is at an elevation of 3,350 meters. From Dadru the trek moves down to Malana at 2,650 meters and thereafter descend to the valley floor at Jari that lies at an altitude of 1,520 meters. From Jari the Chandrakhani Pass trekking tour wheels and leads to Manali.

Taking you to some of the far-out yet picturesque destinations in Himachal Pradesh, Chandrakhani Pass Trek is meant for those who take trekking way to easily. Though it's just an 11-day trek, it takes you to some brittle paths and high altitude, evidentially raising the bar on the level of difficulty. Like the other treks of Himachal Pradesh, this trek is beautiful as well and offers a favourable base, which makes trekking here an incredible journey. Additionally, the trekking trip holds a strong mythological significance. According to legends, Jamlu (the presiding deity of Malana) was once carrying a basket of Gods from Kullu. When he reached the top of the pass, he opens the basket, and a strong wind blew the Gods all over the Kullu valley, which presently are the bodies of the respective temples. Since then the valley is known as the Valley of Gods.

Chandrakhani Pass Trek commences from Manali and further it takes you to Celanti, a high altitude flowering meadow via Naggar, Rumsu, and Ganachalani. From Celanti, you will start trekking uphill to reach Chandrakhani Pass, the final destination of the trek. Located at an altitude of 3600 m above the sea level, Chandrakhani is famous for offering fabulous views of the Deo Tibba peak, Pir Panjal and Parvati range of mountains. Sooner or later, we will leave Chandrakhani Pass and start trekking towards the next destination, Dadru. In the subsequent 48 hours, you will trek to some of the offbeat destinations of Himachal Pradesh- Malana, Jari, and Kasol village. From Jari, you board a bus, which will take you to back to Manali.
After trekking here, you will come back home teaming with memories that will stick in your mind forever. For more details about the trek, read the itinerary below.

Day 1: Delhi - Manali (575 kms/14 hrs.)

From Delhi, you will board and AC Volvo to reach Manali. Overnight journey.

Day 2: Manali

Upon arrival in Manali, our guides will meet you, who will transfer you to the hotel. The evening will be free for leisure. Dinner and overnight stay at Manali hotel.

Day 3: Manali - Naggar - Rumsu - Ganachalani (2700 mts/8856 ft) (15 km/ 5-6 hrs.)

Post breakfast; embark on a drive to Naggar, a tiny settlement known for its castles and temple. From Naggar, you will be starting your trekking expedition. A kilometer trek through the bridle path will take you to Roerichs cottage and then to the village of Rumsu. In the Rumsu village, you will be visiting an ancient wooden temple, dedicated to Jamlu in Malana. After a relaxing break at the village, you will trek up the ridge to reach the east side of the village. Thereupon, you will pass through a forest of deodar, pine and horse chestnut, to reach Ganachalani. Dinner & overnight stay in Ganachalani tent.

Day 4: Ganachalani - Celanti (3500 mts/11480 ft) (12 kms/4-5 hrs.)

Begin your trek with an uphill 4 km trek from Ganachalani to reach meadows, which will be located at an elevation of 3000 m. From the meadow, you can get a glimpse of Manali, Kullu Valley, Pir Panjal Range and Bara Bhangal Range. Further, you will pass through small rhododendron forest and series of alpine meadows to reach Celanti. Dinner and overnight stay at Celanti.

Day 5: Celanti - Chandrakhani Pass (3650 mts/11972 ft) - Dadru (3000 mts/9840 ft) (15 kms/6 hrs.)

After breakfast, start trekking uphill for an hour to reach Chandrakhani Pass. From the pass, you can see the impressive view of Ghalpo Peaks of Lahaul- Dharamsura (6446 m) and Papsura (6451 m) and the other high peaks in the upper Tosh valley. After a relaxing break at Chandrakhani Pass, you will start trekking downhill to reach Dadru via the meadows at Nagarvani. Dinner and overnight stay at Dadru Camp.

Day 6: Dadru - Malana (2650 mts/8692 ft) (8 km/ 2-3 hrs.)

From Dadru, start trekking along the Malana River, till you reach Rashol pass (3260m) and the Parvati valley via Kasol village. From the Rashol pass, start trekking downhill till Malana for overnight stay and dinner. Malana is considered as the oldest democracy in the world. Since the inception of their judiciary system, there have been hardly any changes.

Day 7: Malana - Jari (1520 mts/4986 ft) (20 km/ 4-5 hrs.)

Today is going to be the last day of trekking. From Malana, a downhill trek of about 5-6 km will take you to a dam. From the dam, you will further travel for 12 km to reach Jari, a magical green rimmed village located just above the confluence of Malana and Parvati rivers. Dinner & overnight stay in Jari tents.

Day 8: Jari - Manali (6 hrs drive)

After an overnight stay at Jari village, you will board a bus, which will take you to Manali. Dinner and overnight stay at Manali hotel.

Day 9: Manali - Delhi (525 kms/12-14 hrs)

In the morning and afternoon, you can go for a sightseeing tour to Manali. In the evening, you will board your AC Volvo coach, which will take you to Delhi. Overnight journey.

Day 10: Delhi

Arrival in Delhi by morning in between 06:30 - 07:30 hrs.

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