Bhabha Pass Trek

Tough Trek

Location: Himachal Pradesh
Duration: 11 Days

One of the least explored treks in the Indian Himalayan region, Bhabha Pass Trek in Himachal Pradesh is one of the alpine treks and stretches from an elevation of 2,700 meters to 4,865 meters. The Bhabha Pass at an elevation of 4,865 meters acts as a bridge between the rich Kinnaur valley and barren landscape of Spiti. Thus the Bhabha Pass Trek fascinates you with its changing topography, from the evergreen and rejuvenating naturescape of Kinnaur valley to the stark cold desert of Spiti valley. The journey becomes more adventurous as it crosses two other major mountain passes, the Kunzum Pass at 4,551 meters and Rohtang Pass at 3,987 meters. Moreover, the trail moves through several quaint villages that reflect the ancient Indo-Tibetan culture and one can even pay a visit to several Gompas that houses ancient manuscripts and paintings. The major attractions are the Kungri Monastery, Ki Monastery and Tabo Monastery. Further, when stepping into the villages one will surely blend with the hospitality, cultural clamour with the hard lifestyle and beautiful architectural walls that makes the journey profound. The Bhabha Pass Trek is thus a fusion of natural spectrum and cultural diorama.

The Bhabha Pass trek commences from one of the least explored villages of Kinnaur district, Sangla at 2,700 meters, which is approximately a 5 - 6 hours of drive from Shimla. Before you go for the Bhabha Pass trek, you will be having a practice trail that leads to Rakcham village and thereafter to Chitkul, which is the last border outpost on Indo - Tibetan border. The actual journey to Bhabha Pass starts from Kafnu at 2,200 meters, which is a few hours of drive from Sangla. From Kafnu the trek follows a gradual ascend to Mulling at 3,280 meters and then leads to Kara at 3,560 meters. One can spend some ideal hours on its reach vicinity that is dotted with several colourful flowers. From Kara the trail turns to Phustirang at 4,200 meters and one can have a spectacular view of the Hansbeshan peak that lies at an elevation of 5,840 meters. From Phustriang there is a steep climb to Bhabha Pass and later the trail continues to Chhochhoden at 4,000 meters. The trail follows several uphill and downhill treks and hence it is the most difficult part on the entire journey. From Chhochhoden the trek leads to Kaza via Mud along the Pin River. Later from Kaza the journey wheels to Manali via Gete village and Ki Monastery.

The Bhabha Pass trek is one of the most difficult treks in Himachal Pradesh that changes its landscape at every turn. Hence it is recommended only for trekkers having prior experience of high altitude trekking with proper skills.

Day 1: Delhi - Kalka - Shimla

In the morning, from Delhi railway station boards the AC train departing for Kalka. After reaching Kalka you will meet our executive and get transferred to Shimla via road. By evening, we will reach Shimla and check-in to a hotel. The rest of the evening you can spend your time shopping souvenirs and roam around the famous mall roads. We will be staying overnight at the Hotel in Shimla.

Day 2: Shimla - Kafnoo (2400 Meters)

Get ready for this exciting day, today the troop will move ahead in the direction of Kafnoo from Shimla which is about 282 kilometres drive away and will be an 8 to 9 hours journey and on this long journey we will drive along the valley of Sutlej on the left side. The course will further move ahead towards Wangtoo the main town by crossing the overpass and will carry on an adventurous drive till the last village of then Kinnaur valley towards Kafnoo which will be the destination from where our trek will commence. On the way to our destination, we will pass through a Hydroelectric Project. A spectacular Lake will be another charm of the way. We will set up the camp near the Lake and will have scrumptious lunch. Also, we will be having dinner and enjoy our stay for the night in the camp. On the very next day, the troop will commence trekking to Mulling.

Day 3: Kafnoo - Mulling (3200 Meters) 4to 5 hours trek

On this day after having wholesome breakfast, initially, the trail will hike on the left side through a spectacular trek while crossing the small village of Homti. The slender valley later opens up and we enter into an extensive space as we will be reaching close to our camp. On the way towards Bhaba Pass, we will trek along the river on the right side of the trekking path. Later we will trek upward to a higher altitude and will cross the Conifers trees and get the vista of the natural surroundings. It will be an approx. 6 hours trekking to reach the meadow at Mulling. The prettiness of the dense forest abounds en route. On the way of the trek take the pleasure of charismatic and incredible panorama of meadows, verdant forest, and the Mystery Mountain. We will be staying tonight in the camp.

Day 4: Mulling - Kara (3560 Meters)

Trek a short journey from mulling which will take 3 hours to reach at Kara. Lap up the beauty of green beautiful valley while walking to Kara with the river. Follow the flower covered pathway and will meet with some shepherd's trail .The adorable scene will be captured in eyes for a lifetime. Next, take a walk to the right side to reach the small narrow meadow. After 3 hours of the steady climb, stay will be at camp.

Day 5: Kara - Fustirang (3975 Meter)

This day, we will start our trail in the morning from Kara towards the base camp of the Bhaba Pass 'Fustirang'. The troop will move ahead beside the left side of the stream and one they way you can enjoy and capture the stunning surrounds backdrop. On the trail, the troop gets the opportunity to explore the sprawling meadow and converse with the Gaddi Shepherds. On the entire way of the trail to the base camp, we cover the captivating backdrops of show, glaciers, towering peaks makes the trail path exciting and delightful for trekkers. So you be ready to capture the exquisiteness of the stunning nature in your camera which you can cherish as a memorable moment. As we move ahead on the way we see captivating vistas of huge flocks of sheep's, stunning glaciers, towering peaks and grazing land with horses. The trekking duration will be approximately 3 hours. We will enjoy our stay tonight in the camp set up in serene surrounds.

Day 6: Fustirang - Bara Bulder (3963 Meter)

On this day, we will begin the trek in the direction of the Bhaba Pass. On the way of the trail, we will trek over the boulders, scree, and rough terrain with ascends and descends to reach Bhaba Pass. The rock-strewn way pass from is verdant green Kinnaur valley. On a sunny day, this trail will reward with excellent picturesque vistas of the valley and soaring mountains all around. On the way, we may also come across snow and glaciers. Also, shepherds with their large flock of sheep may accompany on the course. After that, we will move downwards to the Bara Buldar which will be a steep descend. Today's trek will finish as we reach the campsite location. Tonight the troop will enjoy their stay at the camp set up in the midst of stunning surrounds.

Day 7: Bara Bulder - Parka (3710 Meters) via Mud Hamlet, Purple Hued Mountain and, Pin River

On this day, we will begin the trek after wholesome breakfast. Today we will hike in the direction of the village Parka passing through small hamlets, flocks of the sheep and awe-inspiring towering mountain. On the way of the trek, you can enjoy and capture the magnificent captivating natural beauty of the Himachal state in this region. Afterwards, from here the troop will be crossing the Pin River and later will visit the Mudh Village located at the elevation of (3811 Meters). The Mudh village the last small village located in the Spiti Village and its populace is about 250 people. We will then visit and explore the charming and serene Monastery also there are a few small tea houses with some backpackers. As we finish today's trekking we will stay overnight in a camp. The entire trekking duration will be approximately 4 hours.

Day 8: Parka - Mudh and Drive to Tabo (3050 Metres)

This day will be an exciting day where you will explore and enjoy the local flavours of the Tibetan food, an old Monastery, indigenous culture and small town while moving forward towards Tabo. It will take 3 hours to reach Tabo. The heritage Monasteries located here are about 1000 years old and this place has numerous guesthouses and hotels. Get refreshed in a hot shower and have delectable traditional food. The aromatic apple orchards extend all the way through from Kinnaur to Spiti village.

Day 9: Tabo - Kaza (3650 Meters)

On this day, we will move ahead and drive to a big town making way all the way through a spectacular Monastery and a local shopping souk to the capital of Spiti. On the way, you will get the delightful captivating vista of the Dhankar Monastery with the River Spiti. We will be staying overnight at a hotel.

Day 10: Kaza - Manali (2050 Meters)

Today, we will catch a taxi from Kaza and drive in the direction of Manali passing through the two soaring passes Kunzum La (4590m) and Rohtang La (3980 Meters).

The route from the Kunzum is connected through the Spiti Valley with Lahaul to Manali. We will be having delicious lunch on the way to Manali. It will be a voyage of about 7 hours and tonight we will stay at a hotel.

Day 11: Manali - Kalka - Delhi

Today from Manali, we will drive towards Kalka and from here catch the Kalka Shatabdi Train to Delhi. The trail departure is scheduled at 05:45 Hours and it will reach New Delhi Railway station by 09:55 hours. The Bhaba Pass trek ends at this juncture with some unforgettable memories of fun and exploration.

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